The evolution of a hat and a half-price sale

All the pins are gone now – I’ve got the base of the hat done. Decided against adding flowers or feathers – they’re just not Mama Ganache. So now I’m working on some felt chocolates.

Here’s what I did so far:

Monday afternoon

And here’s what’s on sale at the shop:



Sweet Earth hats – $6

Sweet Earth aprons – $12

Sweet Earth tee shirts – $10

3 oz. peanut butter crunch bars – $2


Beginning my Mama Ganache hat

As Tom and I drove to the farmer’s market this morning, we were remembering childhood songs.  “My Hat It Has Three Corners” came to mind and stuck around the rest of the day.
So, when I started to play with some pieces of brown felt, a three-cornered hat appeared:


I don’t know what it will look like once I’ve sewn it  – or if it will even be the one I wear at the Mama Ganache party – but I like it.

Lots of Halloween chocolate is out at the shop: cats, mummies, witches, more. Rebecca did fabulous truffle tarantula pops (the picture doesn’t do them justice)


and ganache ghosts.


And Chloe’s amazing sculpture will be up another week or so.


Stop in. And come to the Mama Ganache Halloween party in your best Mama Ganache – or Papa Ganache – costume.

A Mama Ganache Halloween

Mama Ganache is coming to our Halloween party at the chocolate shop this year. In fact, lots of Mama Ganaches are coming. I hope these truffle ghosts aren’t afraid of her.

We’re not sure what Mama Ganache looks like yet, but we’re inviting all our guests to dress up as her.

Mama Ganache. Mmmm. Round? Chocolatey. She’d be likely to wear something in a nice chocolate brown, don’t you think, but the rest? We leave it up to your wildest chocolate dreams.

Join us on Sunday, October 28, between 2 and 5 pm, at Mama Ganache’s chocolate shop: 1445 Monterey St., SLO. In your Mama Ganache costume. Or not.

Another reason to come: we’ll be handing out the last of our Sweet Earth stock that day.

The truffle ghosts will be in the shop a lot sooner than that. Watch for pictures of the new ones here when Rebecca makes them.

Welcome Mama Ganache!

After seven years of the same name, we’ve chosen a new one.

Same location, same great chocolate
same ideals, same smiling faces

Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates is changing its name to Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates. By October 31, the name Sweet Earth will completely disappear and Mama Ganache will take its place. (Watch for our special old-label sales starting October 15.)

Taking on a new name doesn’t change who we are: Tom and Joanne, Talina in the office, Rebecca all over the place, Josefina, Cindy, Lenny, Kelly – and all our extraordinary employees… the same group of talented people who’ve been creating our beautiful and delicious Fair Trade and Organic chocolates since 2005. It doesn’t change our dedication to ethical practices and social and environmental responsibility. It’s just that now, we’re Mama Ganache!

Don’t you love it? We chose it to match our picture of the earth dipped in chocolate. Doesn’t Mama Ganache sound delicious in every way?

Join us for Mama Ganaches’s coming out celebration at the Vina Robles Chocolate Festival in Paso on November 10.

Like our new Facebook page right now to watch the evolution of our new labels and signs and the continuing creation of our beautiful, delicious fair trade, organic chocolates.