Truffle mice and more

Since we’ve got Mama truffle mice with babies for the first time – they just keep multiplying! – it occurred to me that it would be fun to put together an album of all the truffle pets Rebecca has created for us over the years. They’re all filled with the most delectable Fair Trade, organic ganache, made with fresh cream and butter.

Available in the shop or emailing or phoning Talina at (805) 544-7759.

Here are the truffle mice we’ve got right now:

photo copy

Going back in time, here are some truffle ghosts:


And from Easter, a bunny:


And some lambs:


Who can resist this guy?


Or this St Patrick’s mouse? Filled with Irish Cream ganache!


Then there are the Valentine’s mice:Image

And the very first chocolate truffle bunnies:


Altogether irresistible. Not to mention unbearably delicious.


Mama Ganache!

A sample of some of the best Mama Ganache costumes:Image

Susan Lara in another of her extraordinary creations. The hat: out of a chocolatey brown band sprout cocoa leaves and cocoa pods surrounding a pair of winged doves made of wire. No one but Susan could come up with something as lovely. Image

In the elegant and fun category, Susan Pyburn.


Where can we get enough hats like that for the whole staff?

And in the purely elegant category, Daya Sarai Chocron:


Check out the headband:Image

And Papa Ganache came with his cake:








We all had a great time!

Beginning my Mama Ganache hat

As Tom and I drove to the farmer’s market this morning, we were remembering childhood songs.  “My Hat It Has Three Corners” came to mind and stuck around the rest of the day.
So, when I started to play with some pieces of brown felt, a three-cornered hat appeared:


I don’t know what it will look like once I’ve sewn it  – or if it will even be the one I wear at the Mama Ganache party – but I like it.

Lots of Halloween chocolate is out at the shop: cats, mummies, witches, more. Rebecca did fabulous truffle tarantula pops (the picture doesn’t do them justice)


and ganache ghosts.


And Chloe’s amazing sculpture will be up another week or so.


Stop in. And come to the Mama Ganache Halloween party in your best Mama Ganache – or Papa Ganache – costume.