Rocky Road bark


Thanks to Kathy Marcks Hardesty, who asked for it in a Facebook comment at just the right moment, Mama Ganache now has some amazing Rocky Road bark in the shop. Easter’s over, so Allison had time to make it yesterday. She used freshly-made marshmallow, local organic walnuts, and 70% bittersweet chocolate. Delaney and I tasted it this morning right after I’d reread  the directions for tasting chocolate on London-based’s Chocolate and Love‘s website. All the senses are involved, not just taste.

first bites

See the nice shine on the dark chocolate? The color of the  70% bittersweet is lovely, too, a deep, rich, dark brown.  Our bites had plenty of marshmallow and nuts and up close, you can see the tiny bubbles in the marshmallow.

Hear the snap as the pieces are broken off?

Catch the chocolatey and citrus notes in the aroma of our 70% dark chocolate? The butteriness of the walnuts?

The chocolate looked, sounded and smelled so good that it was hard for us to hold our pieces on our tongues until the chocolate melted, to feel it in our mouths. The marshmallow wasn’t going to wait either— it melted into the softest cream with just the right resistance; pillowy, spreading slowly over the tongue. The fresh walnuts crunch gently between your teeth and release a fragrant burst of walnut essence into your mouth.

Then you get all those tastes: the bright and aromatic chocolate, the fresh and nutty walnuts, and the soft and sweet marshmallow, together. Oh my goodness, what a perfect combination. I think I like it as much as I like the vegan SLOChews. If  it’s popular, we could do all kind of different rocky roads: roasted slivered almonds and marshmallow, English and Australian recipes. Yum. Why not.

I wish I could tell you this batch of bark is vegan but we haven’t worked out a recipe for vegan marshmallow that we love as much as we do our vegan ganaches and caramels. But this is only the beginning. Next time we’ll tweak the recipe for the marshmallow to get it even creamier and maybe Tom will experiment with alternatives to gelatin again.

But for now, I’m happy with what we’ve got.Mama Ganache Rocky Road bark